Make Money Trading Stocks

Anyone can use Wall Street for spare, part, or full time gains as our students prove, with gains of $1,000 or more in a day.

Unfortunately few have the patience to learn, as it takes considerable time to learn how the stock market works and how Wall Street can be used for consistent profits. Most will read a book or attend a trading workshop and decide they are ready to take on Wall Street. More than 90% fail, as they soon realize they are completely unprepared for taking on the stock market.

The Day Trade Fun comprehensive program is a thorough approach, taking a student from learning how the stock market works through the process of identifying stocks which have the best chance of providing quick gains. Exchange specific checklists are developed to show the student the best place to buy and sell a stock, using the smallest amount of cash possible in search of the highest percentage gain possible. Our proven foundation is to limit the amount of risk our money is exposed to by limiting the amount of time our money remains in the market:

Less time in the market means less exposure to risk.

The tutorials below are provided so you can enjoy a glimpse into the exciting world of trading stocks. Within these brief tutorials many preconceived ideas, such as needing a large block of time each day to trade and having the most sophisticated computers possible, will be proven wrong. In fact, most of what you will learn flies in the face of conventional trading wisdom as we take the complicated and make it easy. This is especially true with the idea that a large amount of money is needed to Day Trade, which is also inaccurate.

Learn how the market can be used to generate hundreds or thousands of dollars in a day and learn how you can use Wall Street as a Business.

Jay's Tutorial Videos

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