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Day Trading Instruction: Short vs. Long Term Gains 

Day Trade Fun is a proven program that focuses on the short term profits of the stock market, more than the long term “possibilities.” In short, no one can trust what the stock market is going to do from year to year, so our approach is to take what the markets give us on a daily basis and this allows us to reduce the risk our money is exposed to by limiting the amount of time our money remains in the market.

During the stock market correction in late February/early March of 2020, we used 17 stocks and had gains with 15 of those creating a success/batting average of 88%. During that time, we generated nearly $10,000 in profits in just a single week of flipping stocks for quick gains!

Long term exposure to the stock market is, for us, simply too risky so we reduce our overall risk by reducing the amount of time our money is in the market. Our average hold time for a stock we have purchased is less than 20 minutes, which reduces our overall risk considerably.

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Decades of Documented Profits:

In May of 2003 this program began with $2,100 placed into an Ameritrade online account and over the following eight months more than $34,000 was generated. During the banking crisis of 2008 a $25,000 portfolio was used to generate $91,555 in just 90 days. The following year nearly $200,000 was generated using the same $25,000 portfolio, flipping stocks for quick gains and in the 4Q of 2018 we saw a 55.2% increase as we flipped 109 stocks for quick gains. Regardless of which way the market is moving (up, down or sideways), this system has created revenue decade after decade and serves as the most exciting, flexible and portable business opportunity going today!

It is important to recognize that taking on Wall Street without a proven system can result in serious financial loss and Day Trade Fun strongly encourages a review of the Day Trading advisory issued by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Day Trade Fun Student
Day Trade Fun Student
Day Trade Fun Student
Day Trade Fun Student
Day Trade Fun Student
Day Trade Fun Student

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