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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do I need to start Day Trading?

The Securities and Exchange Commission requires a balance of $25,000 in your brokerage account to allow unlimited “Day Trades.” Those are trades where you buy and sell the security in the same day, however people can and do Day Trade with lesser amounts - but are only allowed to make three “round trip” day trades in a rolling five day period.

All of these restrictions are covered, in detail, in the training but the key point is to remember you can Day Trade with any amount…some begin with accounts of only $2,000. However, to realistically have a goal of $1,000 per day, you need to have an account of at least $25,000.

One important note here is I recommend keeping no more than $30,000 in your account as we can use this amount to generate daily profits, which can be wired daily from your brokerage account to your checking account. Imagine a job that pays you over 225 times a year! To have a daily goal of $1,000, you will need to have at least $25,000 in your portfolio.

Do I need to be available to watch the market during the day for this class?

This 12 month class requires you watch the markets while they are open and in motion. While it is certainly possible to work another job while you are in training, you will need at least 15 hours a week to watch the market in order to complete the required homework assignments.

Those who are unable to watch the stock market through the week for less than 15 hours are not accepted as students.

What qualifies you to teach Day Trading?

My success is the biggest qualifier.

Most people who begin Day Trading lose money. In fact, more than 90% of those who begin encounter losses and some of those losses involve significant sums of money. Many successful professionals feel they can take their success from one field and translate that into success at Day Trading - and many fail and in a spectacular fashion.

The SEC has even issued a warning about day trading, warning those who are interested about the losses they could encounter. US Securities and Exchange Commission.

I was one of those who encountered heavy losses when I began day trading and it was not until years later that I began to see my batting average increase to the point I made money more times than I lost money. By 2007 my success ratio for picking stocks increased past 85% and I was taking a portfolio of $30,000 and was generating more than $1,000 per day on average.

In 2009 I used more than 3,600 trades to generate $199,000+ in revenue for the year and that’s when I decided to make my system available, on a limited basis, to students across the country.

During my 20+ years in the airline industry, I was a General Manager who was also a trainer and I loved training and now I am able to take that love of training and teach people how they can transform their financial futures.

How successful are your students & can I contact them as a reference?

The success of any person depends on their individual set of circumstances. For example, some people are only interested in generating enough money to pay their mortgage and car payments…and no more. They use my day trading system as a part time project to generate less than $50,000 a year and are happy with that.

Others however, are able to generate $1,000 a day and more and even “tweak” my system to their own style of trading and risk tolerance to create more money than I have ever made as well. And I have had times when my $30,000 portfolio generated more than $100,000 in 90 days, so making more than me is an accomplishment to be sure!

Also, the confidentiality agreement that is signed by each student prevents me from releasing any names or contact information.

Do you still trade or simply train students now?

I am amazed at the number of people who teach others how to day trade, without trading themselves. In fact, some of these “experts” have never made a trade in their life! They simply teach a system and one they have never used in their own life…which is as disappointing as it is incredulous.

I still trade through my day, as I train my students. If I had to place a percentage on my answer, it would be 70% training and the remaining 30% of my day is spent trading. In fact, I am watching the market with my students as we look together and examine how stocks are moving, so yes - I still trade and plan to do so for the rest of my life (a little at least!).

How exactly is your training conducted?

It is impractical for me to have one central location to teach my students, so I train each student individually - specifically creating an online training program that fits their individual schedule and needs.

Once students are accepted into a class and pay the tuition, they begin reviewing the first of several one-hour audio sessions on Day Trading and my stock selection process. Shortly thereafter, they begin watching the market and send me daily reports on the stocks they identify, using the criteria I have provided. As the weeks progress, these criteria are refined to the point the students are identifying stocks that are perfect candidates for quick revenue generation, without using large amounts of cash.

For most students, by week 12 they are conducting “practice trades.” This is a process where they identify stocks of interest and communicate with me, identifying the ideal entry and exit points. We watch that stock together and once the student reaches an 85% success level on their practice trades, actual “live” trades begin! Normally smaller amounts of $400 to $500 per stock are used as the student learns the proper day trade techniques and once the 85% ratio is maintained, the per stock amount increase to $1,000 and then, after time, to $1,500 and beyond.

One of the surprising facts most students mention is how little money it actually takes, per stock, to reach the $1,000 per day goal. Even with a cash portfolio of $30,000, many times only $4,000 or $5,000 is needed for trades that will allow the daily goal to be reached.

By months 7 and 8, most students are on auto-pilot and simply use me as a reference or for quick questions and answers. Through the year students will review at least 15 one-hour audio sessions and will spend 1,000 hours watching the stock market, communicating daily with me, sometimes exchanging as many as 30 to 50 emails a day as we watch various stocks.

It is this large amount of communication with each student that forces me to limit the total number of students I can work with any given year.

I have never traded a stock in my life! How complicated is your program?

As a former airline general manager I was as far from being a Day Trader as one could be and as I began developing my training curriculum (over two years) I had the objective to make it as simple to follow as possible. I am pleased to say we’ve accomplished just that.

Through a series of very specific guidelines, students are taught to look for opportunities with stocks trading on the New York Stock Exchange, the American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ securities, Over the Counter Bulletin Board stocks as well as Pink Sheet offerings. Each type of stock has a clear pattern we use and the guidelines provided allow us to identify specific entry and exit points, avoiding the need for some gut-reaction as to when we need to buy or sell. This is not a program that requires guess work or a “feeling” on how a stock might react, but is based on a proven system I spent 10 years developing.

During my 20+ years in the airline industry, I was always a trainer and believed in the ancient axiom which says, “If you tell me something, I will forget. If you show me I will remember, but if you let me do it…then I will understand.” This system is all about doing and having me by your side for more than 1,400 hours increases our chances at success tenfold!

Who is your preferred online broker?
Currently our broker of preference is E*TRADE. Now I will be the first to say E*TRADE has some issues which need worked out (and I am in communication with their offices monthly on these open items), but their overall customer service and technical tools make our training a little easier to conduct - which is why I recommend E*TRADE.

Students are not required to open an E*TRADE account and can use any broker they choose.

Why train others, won’t that create competition for you?

Currently there are as many as 250,000 who trade stocks on a regular or daily basis and if I spend the next 20 years of my life training 30 students per a year (or 600 day traders), it will hardly make a dent in the day to day opportunities which are presented.

Also, on a more personal note, it is incredibly gratifying to spend a year with my students, training them to use the system I have created. It is especially rewarding to watch others benefit from the system I have created, which allows them to change the direction of their financial future.

Do you guarantee the success of your students?

Absolutely not.

My system can work consistently if the criteria which has been developed, proven and provided is used. However, I still have some students (fortunately only a few) who still want to employ strategies from their previous trading experiences with the system I am providing.

It drives me absolutely crazy, which is why many times I will not accept applicants who are former day traders, bankers, or financial planners because they insist on doing things their way, instead of following the system I have provided.

Is any special equipment needed to Day Trade?

No. I use my laptop, or my portable office, wherever I go and the only other item which is required is a monthly subscription to a company for the use of their intra-day stock screener - at a cost of $34 per month.

Ameritrade, my online broker of choice, has a stock screener, but it is limited in scope which is why I direct my students to subscribe to get this expanded stock screener. The monthly price of $34 a month is a small price to pay when you consider the benefits it creates!

I want in a class that is now full, is there a waiting list?
Yes, waitlists are created once the class is full. Students can submit a deposit to reserve a spot in any future class, but the remaining tuition is required 30 days before the class start in order to maintain that place.
Who is Jay Ratliff?

From 1981 thru 2001 I enjoyed a career in the airline industry, as a General Manager for Northwest Airlines. When my position was eliminated in 2001, I decided to pursue my dream of trying to make the stock market work for me as a Day Trader.

Against the advice of close friends, family and work acquaintances I began a full time study of the stock market each hour it was open. Within weeks I was losing thousands as I tried to find a way to make Day Trading work. In an effort to save as much money as possible, I even moved into a motel at the Dayton International Airport so I could devote as much money as possible to my efforts. Working in the mornings delivering newspapers and working in the evenings at various part and full time jobs, I did as much as I could to generate money to trade with while protecting the hours the stock market was open.

After five years of working my tail off I appeared to have very little to show for my efforts. However, the thousands of hours spent studying the market revealed certain patterns that stocks followed and those stocks trading on the NYSE varied from those on the NASDAQ…I was learning more than ever before and it was then I took the last $2,100 I had in my bank account and began trading on May 3rd and by the end of that year had generated nearly $40,000. I knew I was close to developing a system that would allow me to shoot for a goal of $1,000 per day, every day, by using the stock market.

By 2009 I was trading with a portfolio of $30,000 and was making thousands of trades a year. In fact, in 2009 I used that portfolio to generate more than $199,000 in revenue and it was then I decided to create a comprehensive training system that would allow me to share my Day Trading secrets with others.

Today I train a limited number of serious students on the system I have created and enjoy the thrill of watching the system I created impact the lives of families across the country, changing them forever.

In addition to my Day Trade training, I also serve (or have served) as:
- Clear Channel (Radio) Aviation Analyst (
- FOX News Aviation Contributor
- On the Board of Directors - Celebrity Concerts for Charity
- Former General Manager Northwest Airlines
- Former Travel Coordinator for the Detroit Lions
- Award winning international Author (2006)
- Developed Pre-Release Professional Development Program for Ohio Correctional Institute (used by 50,000 inmates upon release)
- Created Complaint Resolution Program for the world's largest airline
- Now at 51, one of the best Day Traders in the country!

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