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Day Trading Instruction

Day Trade Fun is a program that teaches individuals the profitable way to day trade. We offer a 12-month class featuring a one-on-one teaching system. This is an easy way to convey information and to help students understand the intricacies of the stock market. Learn how to succeed in Day Trading and avoid costly mistakes!


More people are turning to day trading than ever before as a way to take control of their financial destiny! The time for action is now for those who are serious about regaining control over their family's future by trading stocks!

Why are so many people turning to Jay Ratliff?
The system which took Jay Ratliff 10 years to develop is a precise, exchange-specific set of qualifiers which takes the guess work out of the equation. Too many people try to Day Trade based on a gut feeling, emotion or some stock promotion email and end up losing most of their money in the process.

       Stock Profits - Day Trading

Our students take their cash portfolio of $25,000 and have a daily goal of $1,000 a day, every day, by using only a small portion of that amount. However, you can Day Trade with smaller portfolios (although accounts under $25,000 do have a limit on the number of round trip trades allowed). Some students use amounts of $10,000 or less and achieve 40% a month…on a consistent basis.  It’s also common to see a student generate $2,000 or $3,000+ in a day, while they are still in training!

The “experts” say Day Trading is too risky or cannot be done. Please do not listen to them. All they are saying is they haven’t yet found a way to make Day Trading work and if they can’t do it…then no one else can. Risk is certainly a part of the process, but our proven approach is to use the smallest amount of cash possible, for the shortest amount of time possible, in order to generate the highest return possible.  We can't eliminate the risk obviously, but we can certainly reduce the risk level by using a proven set of techniques.  Many times our students reach their daily goal of $1,000 by only using $500 or $600 on a given security - that's a level of risk most are more than comfortable with!

In Jay Ratliff’s last full year of Day Trading (2009), he used 3,364 trades to generate $199,554.51 in profits.  So, needless to say, we don’t give much credence to comments of how “it can’t be done.”

Learning to Day Trade is not easy and requires a great deal of work, which is why the training is conducted over a 12 month span of time. This is not a get-rich-quick approach to the stock market, it will take time to learn and eventually master the techniques required to generate a consistent income. However, if you think you have what it takes to finish what you start, you are invited to apply.

Day Trading is Not for Everyone:
Anyone can learn how to Day Trade, but day trading is not for everyone. Most people who begin to Day Trade, without a proven system, lose considerable money and you should proceed with caution.  Anyone who is considering day trading should carefully read the warning issued by the
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Many are so anxious to get involved in the stock market that they often times find themselves responding to some “pump” email from a company who has been paid to promote the stock in an attempt to artificially increase the price of the stock.  These promotions are dangerous and should be avoided at all times. It’s understandable that so many are looking to the stock market as a way to take more control over their financial future, but please make certain you are using a proven system before taking on the stock market.  

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